Nintendo Switch

$999.99 (as of November 21, 2017, 4:15 pm)

The Nintendo Switch will be a “hybrid” console that can be used at home on a TV, and also as a portable console similar to Nintendo’s Game Boy and DS lines. Players can move the console from its home configuration to its portable one on the fly in a nearly-instant operation, hence the name “Switch.”



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When using the console at home, the two sides of the device, which Nintendo called “Joy-Con” controllers, slide off of the console and connect into a holster called the Joy-Con Grip, to make the console’s home controller. The console’s center clicks into a base station, which connects to a TV or monitor.

To switch back from home console mode to portable, players can simply snap the Joy-Con controllers onto the sides of the Switch and lift it out of the dock. The console will, in theory, be able to transition the screen from the television to the Switch’s display automatically.

The portable version of the Switch is a rounded, rectangular panel with two analog sticks, four face buttons, four directional buttons, and two triggers on either side. It looks very similar to the Wii U game pad controller. It is believed, though not confirmed, that all of the system’s processing power is within this portable unit.

The detachable Joy-Cons allow for other multiplayer control schemes. Users who want to play local multiplayer games away from home can then detach the Joy-Con controllers from the sides of the Switch, and turn them sideways to become two discrete “classic” controllers similar Nintendo’s Wii remote. A kickstand on the back of the Switch lets the console stand up on its own, which will allow for players to use a more traditional control scheme if playing alone, as well, without having to touch the system itself.


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